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Top five reasons to start a SlimPlate System Weight Loss Program:

  • SlimPlate System is a research proven healthy way of losing weight which lasts. You will have happy customers who will brag about you.
  • Portion Control has no side effects. So greatly reduced liability for you.
  • You can do group sessions and utilize your time effectively and multiply your revenue.
    • We provide a COMPREHENSIVE start up toolkit to make it easy for you. You can start right away.
    • Save money with low initial investment.


    Here Are The Details…

    SlimPlate System was created by two physicians Dr. Myo Nwe and Dr. Sandeep Grewal. Dr. Myo Nwe is Board Certified in Bariatric Medicine and they both run a successful weight loss center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The invented the SlimPlate System to be used in their weight loss clinic. What they found was that it made the dieting so easy for the patients and so effective. What they also saw was that patient were able to maintain their lost weight for a long time making the SlimPlate System way of losing weight even more popular. Some patients were on just the System other on the System and medications, but almost all of them lost weight.

    When they crunched the numbers, they realized patients were able to keep their weight off for almost two years and counting. Why? Because SlimPlate System was surreptitiously training the users to eat healthy and in right portions so it became second nature to them. Best of all there was no need to spend much time with these patients on healthy diet counseling, thus freeing up their time. They even presented their research to American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) in Orlando, Florida in 2012. And they received an overwhelming response.

    Now Dr. Nwe and Dr. Grewal practice in a small town of Rock Hill in South Carolina. Won’t you agree that portion control is the healthiest way to lose weight? Just like you they believe in that too and want to promote this safe and effective way of losing weight to all. Therefore they have made it their mission to help physicians, health instructors, trainers and counselors build a weight loss program around SlimPlate System. To make it possible they have invested heavily in providing turn key material and training program for those who want to start their own weight loss center or add a weight loss services to their existing clientale.

    What Is Included in SlimPlate System APAP?


    Complete Business Model

    After six years running a private weight loss clinic, Dr. Nwe and Dr. Grewal have implemented ideas that produced great results, and some that haven’t. Our business model allows you to learn from their experience the easy, cost effective way.

    Office Forms

    Give your staff all the forms they need to document your new clinic and new patients in both hard and soft copy format. Easy to use and professionally designed- just insert your practice name, hit print and you are ready for your first weight loss patient.

    ABOM Site Visit Compatible Clinical Forms

    Document your patients processes during their monthly visits using our inclusive forms that are ABOM visit compatible, if you plan on becoming board certified from the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM).

    Marketing Material

    Print or online the Physician Partner Program has all your marketing materials covered. Each template allows you to completely customize to fit your needs. So, feel free to use our templates as they are or change them to create your own unique branding.

    Bulk Rate Ordering

    One of the three avenues to earn, retail sale of the SlimPlate System will boost the revenue you generate through your new weight loss clinic. The bulk rates offered to members of the Physician Partner Program only increase the amount you earn.

    How to Start?

    Just give us a call at (803) 325 1111 and ask for Monique and she will get you started. You can also use the form below to send us an email with your contact information and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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    P.S.: SlimPlate System Authorized Professional Affiliate Program is an easy way for you to start your own weight loss service and earn additional revenue. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and call (803) 325 1111 now!

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